Website Packages

Website Base Package

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A website that is designed to work with your logo, easy to navigate & understand for your visitors, mobile friendly, loads quickly, search engine friendly & loads securely over SSL
  • A super-simple content management system so you can easily insert text, photos and videos into your web pages
  • Support from people that understand websites

The Details:

    • Website design that matches your branding
    • Total of 7 web pages – including the 2 essential pages of “Home Page” & “Contact Page”
    • Lead generating enquiry form with questions tailored to your business – up to 10 questions

  • Desktop, tablet & mobile friendly website
  • SSL – Secure website loaded over https://
  • Domain Name – included in this website package is either the registration of your new domain or the transfer & renewal of your existing domain (if you choose to have it transferred to us).
  • Create a Google Search Console account for you and submit your website & sitemap
  • Create a Google Analytics account for you and insert the tracking code
    • Setup monthly website statistic reports to be emailed to your inbox

Website Hosting

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Ongoing hosting of your website, CMS & security updates
  • Up time monitoring & support to keep your website online
  • Ongoing renewal of your SSL cert
  • Ongoing renewal of your domain name (if hosted with us)
  • DNS hosting (if hosted with us)

There are four billing options to choose from for your website hosting:

Hosting is invoiced and due in advance.

  • Invoiced monthly is $35 + GST per month
  • Invoiced 3 monthly is $99 + GST per 3 months – Save over 5% from the month to month billing
  • Invoiced 6 monthly is $189 + GST per 6 months – Save over 10% from the month to month billing
  • Invoiced yearly is $360 + GST per year – Save over 14% from the month to month billing

Optional Extras

Content Layout

Your set up investment will only increase if you want us to insert your content – remember that you’ll have the ability to add content and additional pages as you wish using the content management system. Or, if you prefer, you can leave it up to us.

We can take care of inserting and laying out your provided content to your website. We are happy to take care of this while building out your new website.

Additional Pages

After more web pages than the 7 provided in the website package. No problems, we can have them setup for you.

Note: This excludes “FAQ Module”, “Photo Gallery Module” & “Customer Testimonials Module” as additional pages. They are listed as below.

FAQ Module

If you run a website, you probably receive emails from your visitors – maybe a lot of emails. They could be from customers or potential customers.

At the end of the day – it’s your responsibility to reply to these emails.

After a while, though, you may notice that many of these emails contain similar questions, and responding to them takes up valuable time that could instead be used for growing your business. While you can hire a staff member to email these people individually, a more profitable and time-saving way is to have a FAQ (frequently asked questions) list on your website. Price includes up to 25 questions & answers.

Photo Gallery Module

Beautiful imagery adds color and life to your website, as well as showing off your work or portfolio.

Perhaps you’re a photographer with a growing and impressive portfolio. Perhaps you’re a contrator wanting to share recent projects. Perhaps you’re wanting to share your impressive work space.

What ever the case adding a photo gallery to your website will really make it pop, as well as adding to your conversion rate possibilities. Price includes up to 3 separate galleries with up to 30 images in each.

Customer Testimonials Module

Whether your goal is to build your newsletter-subscription list, sell more products or services, generate more leads, etc, you have a website for a reason!

In reality, however, it can often prove to be very difficult to convince your visitors to do any of these things — not least because we’re all still a little skeptical from time to time!

Having a successful website depends on establishing trust with your visitors — and social proof, like testimonials, can often help by increasing credibility, which in turn encourages both adoption and acceptance. Price includes up to 25 testimonials.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Looking to sell your products online?

No problems, you can have your very own online shopping website to sell your products. Receive payments securely into your bank account or PayPal account, package up your orders & and ship them out to your customers!

Please contact us for pricing options.

SEO Kick Start

Get your website off on the right track, we will:

  • Create a Google Business account for you and upload your business listing with your business description, operating hours, address & contact details:
    • Having the will enables users to submit Google Reviews for your business.
  • Submit your website profile to the top 20 New Zealand based directories, as well as recommend to you other niche directories & url’s to consider listing with:
    • This will not only potentially give you increased website traffic from the users of those directories. This will also potentially lift your websites search engine authority, which can assist in your website being ranked higher is search engines like Google.

Hourly Labour

Additional requests outside the above website packages, or website changes and/or add-ons to existing Boost Webdesign Websites will be invoiced out at $90 per hour. Minimum charge of 30min applies and time will be charged in 15min intervals there after. A quote can be provided before hand, if requested.

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